Assessed Practicals

The links contain suggestions for how the Mystrica colorimeter can be used to meet the requirements of AS and A level syllabuses in Biology and Chemistry

Colorimeters can be used to achieve the following requirements for the use of Apparatus and Techniques**

AT a

Use appropriate apparatus to record a range of quantitative measurements (to include mass, time, volume, temperature, length and pH).

AT b

Use appropriate instrumentation to record quantitative measurements, such as a colorimeter or photometer.

AT c

Use laboratory glassware apparatus for a variety of experimental techniques to include serial dilutions

AT f

Use qualitative reagents to identify biological molecules.

AT l

Use ICT such as computer modelling, or data logger to collect data, or use software to process data.

The activities described here include those favoured in the AQA and Edexcel specifications. These are only suggestions. ‘We do not intend to stifle innovation and would encourage teachers to try different methods.’** Different approaches that will achieve the same aims are described.

**(AQA AS and A-level Biology Required practical handbook v2.1)